Cheezy Platter

These are a series of videos I made while turning a cheese platter in the shop…… as an experiment using only my phone camera. Click to view the Cheezy platter videos Or go to the video channel for a more organized set … The Turnedoutright video channel Enjoy!  

Gavel opener

Sorry for such a long time between posts but I have been so busy with so many hobbies I have a hard time focusing. Oh yah! … and there is work, travelling constantly around the globe in itself is a hobby. But I made it back to the shop to work on a special piece that …

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A new tool…

Been a while since I posted, been so busy at work and travel. Also been a while since I bought a tool…. Been doing a bit of metal work since I decided to combine electronics and woodworking. More on that as it develops. Anyway, I got a brake from HF so I can bend better… …

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I got this today from one of my turning buddies…. “Finished the inside of a bowl last night, and planned on finishing the bottom tonight. Well, I decided to bring it in to show …. As I was walking in from the parking lot, I found a patch of ice and slipped on it. Long story …

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More: SketchUp Plugins

Thanks to MN, one of  my “Woodturning with SketchUp”  book subscribers,  for providing this great SketchUp Plugin’s link. The plugins themselves are here Some crazy impressive plugins for experienced modelers. Donnie

Coco Bowl “O”

Kevin visited the shop a few weeks ago to learn to turn a bowl. Here it is in use…… I’ll bet that butter will keep the wood in good shape in this dry Utah climate. Excellent progress in one day Kevin, and great looking bowl.