Virtual Woodturning defines “Gimmicky”

As a member of AAW I was pleased to see the February, (Vol 27) treatment of “Virtual Wood turning” a term BTW that was coined right here by “Donny” many years ago.

For fun check out the date on this Google post …….

Even though I was disappointed with the editorial comment positioning the book as:

“…a bit gimmicky for my taste………”, (Ref: p 51, Where to find more information)

…. I was glad to see software and wood-turning finally intersect within an issue of  American Woodturner.

Its always instructive to look up definitions;

Virtual Woodturning “Gimmickery”:

Since “Woodturning with Sketchup” has nothing to do with gambling and the book nor the software is a mechanical device,

…then it follow that …. 2a or 2b must have been the authors intent.

I guess I would entirely agree….. “Woodturning with Sketchup” is:

..”an ingenious and new scheme or angle that highlights many important features that woodturners would not find immediately apparent.

Bottom line:

“Woodturning with Sketchup” turns a general tool for modelling (SketchUp) into an environment that wood turners are familiar with. Many of Sketchup’s tools can be applied to wood turning when used in the context of the craft.  The book “Woodturning with Sketchup” adds a virtual lathe to your toolbox enhancing your creativity while producing better quality plans.

The book is a vehicle to share modelling knowledge. The price covers the cost of this web site and buying some new  tools and materials so I can continue to share innovations in this craft with its many subscribers.


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