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Thanks to MN, one of  my “Woodturning with SketchUp”  book subscribers,  for providing this great SketchUp Plugin’s link. The plugins themselves are here Some crazy impressive plugins for experienced modelers. Donnie

Alcohol soaking

A very useful site if you are interested in alcohol soaking methods. Also check out the new 3D model for “inside out” turnings Chicago release that I have been working on. Heathers film Knocked Up

New "Woodturning with Sketchup" Blog

Join the growing group of users that have bought “Woodturning with SketchUp” and are discovering the benefits of using Google’s free sketching software to model their woodturning projects. Just like the “Beehive Model” you will find that modeling your ideas on a computer can save time, wood and result in a better design. The finished …

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