Gavel opener

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Sorry for such a long time between posts but I have been so busy with so many hobbies I have a hard time focusing.

Oh yah! … and there is work, travelling constantly around the globe in itself is a hobby.

But I made it back to the shop to work on a special piece that has been in my backlog ever since I was in Germany and saw this unique idea.

I got a request from a site visitor (god bless Google search) whose friend was becoming a judge to make one of these. What a perfect reason to jump on this project.

I last showed this idea in a post on the  My trip to Patterborn.

The Gavel Bottle Opener

The pictures below show the project sequence which I think is self explanatory, if you have questions please leave a comment.

I can also create plans for this if its deemed useful to enough turners, this time me and my calipers winged is using the one I had as a model.

The wood is blood wood, the puller is a brass drawer pull from Woodcraft, the finish is polyurethane applied on the lathe.

IMG_20130202_172837_097 (Mobile)
Drilling the bottle cap cavity the blank is held in a chuck (out of sight)
IMG_20130202_174253_850 (Mobile)
Drilling the hole for cap puller.
Made from a brass drawer pull. I drilled this with my banjo mounted drill jig.
IMG_20130202_180938_311 (Mobile)
Special tool created to insert hanger bolt for cap puller. The tool holds the bolt so it can be screwed in all the way, allows the puller to seat at the bottom.
IMG_20130202_201732_443 (Mobile)
Completed head. Note: the hole was drilled before the blank was mounted. See the puller screwed on to the  hanger bolt.
IMG_20130203_110431_067 (Mobile)
Completed handle. Black rings were burned in with a wire.
IMG_20130203_093940_587 (Mobile)
Head jam chucked to finish the hidden end. Very.. light cuts needed!
IMG_20130203_114726_348 (Mobile)
Aligned for glue-drying

In case a Hanger bolt is a foreign term.

A nice gavel turning reference and a clever way to drill a hole in a cylinder dead center…. and to attache the handle without glue …..I will try this next time


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