The Beehive is done!

Beehive (yellowheart) & bee2

I finally completed the beehive project. If you recall I modeled this project in SketchUp using some real world pictures of hives, and then turned it from the story stick.

Why did this take so long? Well the first one that was made from Osage Orange


This is a common problem in Utah because it is so dry.

I didn’t check the moisture content and therefore didn’t store it properly after turning. My normal method is to store it for a few months in a paper sack….you’d think I would learn by now!

Gone in Sixty Seconds dvd I re-turned the piece from some DRY YellowHeart .

The bee is also turned from Yellowheart. The wings are velum (my wifes idea) and the antenna is florist wire.

Now is on its way to my sister!

Beehive (yellowheart) Beehive (yellowheart) & beebee

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