Boxelder and Patina

My turning mentor (Greg) visited recently and we collaborated on a Boxelder burl bowl.
I like to watch Greg take a blank put it on the lathe and “let it talk to him”, which it did.
The design consisted of a traditional shape with a recessed upper edge. The blank had multiple inclusions that we left as “characters”. The upper rim was burned with a repeating pattern using my “flame thrower” burner.

The color is red mahogany water based dye.

The attached picture is after 5+ coats of Deft sanding sealer.

Note: I have settled on a lacquer finishing regime of 5+ coats of Deft sealer followed by 5+ coats of Deft lacquer (semi- or gloss), followed by polish after a few days drying. I leave the piece on the chuck and turn it @ 50-60 rpm while heavily coating it. I don’t sand (with grey pad) until 5 coats of sealer.

Next I am going to patina the recessed edge of the piece using “sophisticated finishes” patina green regime. That’s on today’s shop agenda 🙂

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