More shop made tools

Here I go again, I just can’t stay away from homemade tools.

Chuck organizer

Chuck Organizer

I have four chucks and I hate changing the Jaws. One reason is because I have to search around the shop for the tools, screws and the right jaws for the right chuck. Ya I know, my wife says that my problem is that I “have to many tools” … lets don’t go there!

The organizer above holds the jaws for all my chucks, the fasteners, the tools and the screw centers.


Fine Filter The Haunting in Connecticut divx

I know that shop air filtering is a necessity, I also know that their are lots of opinions on what works and what doesn’t. I did some research and was ready to drop $300 for a professional filter. Then after looking at the specifications and the size I concluded that even the smallest are to large for my shop. I also investigated getting a used furnace squirrel cage fan and building my own. But finally I went to Wallmart and bought a box fan and fine furnace filter, total cost $25. It has been hanging in my door way attached to an X10 remote controller. After only one weekend the filter has gone from white to yellow… something must be working. I’ll let you know how it works out. BTW I still wear a mask and use my vacuum when sanding.

Waiting… on dvd

Stubby Tray

Stubby Tool Tray

When turning I never seem to find a good place to lay my tools. I have built all kinds of racks that sit next to the lathe but I always seem to lay the most recently used tools on the ways

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. Then this weekend it dawned on me that a simple tray like Jet sells might work. Bingo, some wire mesh, quarter inch rod, two washers and a welder; yielded a simple tray for my Stubby. We’ll see if the tray replaces the ways as a resting place.

Enjoy…. Donnie

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4 thoughts on “More shop made tools”

  1. Just a Thank You for such a great site. I am amazed I had not found it before! I came here from a message in rec.crafts.woodturning newsgroup. Some kind soul posted their collection of turning links and your site was in listed there.

  2. Hi,
    Was looking at your video on turning corian. I have been doing pens and want to use corian for a few projects.

    My question is do you have drawings for the special tools that you made?
    I would like to make smaller ones for hard plastics and corian.

    Lou Barchey

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