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My Fathers Day

As you can see from above I also had a great fathers day 🙂 Now I can cut some more fingers! Thanks kids….. Acolytes buy In the Mouth of Madness move As you can see Dads files are already in use. 10 Items or Less video Don’t forget to visit the store where you will …

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Economy Sander

While listening to the AAW forum I found out that some turners have been using HF’s close quarter drill so I bought one at the $30 sales price. I have been using a $9 HF variable speed drill for 2 years, now the bearings are shot. This drill pulls air from the handle which may …

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Heat Treating

I have made my own tools nearly since I started woodturning. Recently I read, what I think is the best article on tool making, at Woodturning Online, entitled “Woodturning Chisels You Can Make”. I especially like the color pictures that the author provided for tempering. I struggled for some time to get this process right, …

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Tool Cart

Ever get frustrated by the distraction of misplacing tools while you are turning a complex piece? This happened to me again while turning the “Music Box Second name video “. (The model for the Music box) So I took a “time out” and built a tool cart. I keep this cart next to my lathe …

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Two new tools.

I discovered two new tools. One is purchased and one is shop-made. Bedan Gauge: When I was turning a flute I needed to turn a cylinder very straight along a 24″ tube.I remembered seeing a jig attached to a Bedan that did this and decided to build my own. I won’t belabor this post with …

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Vacuum Adapter

Some lathes (like the Stubby) have cross drilled main shafts and this makes the use of vacuum adapters a challenge. I decided to make an adapter for my stubby this weekend. The adapter detailed below can be made from standard hardware store items, except for the double sealed bearing which you can get from Master …

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