Sanding disk wallet

Fire some time I have been trying too find a good way to store sanding disks. After many failed attempts using various containers a shop made container seems to fit the bill. Made with a glue up with 2 prices of 1/2 inch mdf drilled with a 3 inch forsner bit. The lid is 1/16 …

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A friend just had a newborn…. Rattle designed (but not tested) to meet U.S. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION Office of Compliance Requirements 1 for Rattles, 16 C.F.R. Part 1510xxxx. Specs: 1 3/8 diameter x 4″ long (used 2×2 blank) Basswood: ideal as it is light and close grained (otherwise the rings tend to break). Holds …

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New toys

No worries followers I haven’t defected. I decided to work on some new turning tool ideas and needed a machine shop. Added this to the back of my shop.

Chuck protection

When I want a bright finished piece I rotate my lathe @ 60rpm and spray thick coats of lacquer. This technique allows fast layer build up without drips. I protect my chuck while spraying by wrapping it with packing plastic. You can get it @ Walmart in spools. Its easy to put on, connect it …

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Aspen tall vase

This vase was drilled vs hollowed. I used diluted soap in a spray bottle as a lubricant and it worked terrific. It was sprayed with a light coat of wiping oil using an air brush to give it a overcoat that matches the kitchen.