The worlds abuzz with the iPAD revolution.

I took a time out from turning wood and decided to tackle building an iPAD case. The pictures below exhibit try # 3.

The case is made of balsa so as not to add much weight. The back is fiberboard and has a unique slide out and fold design that provides an angular position for better viewing. I elected not to put a cover on the face, rather I plan to use a protective film. Inside the frame is a thin foam to protect all the surfaces.

The face frame is treated to some “burning” graphics and my initials.

I decided that a stylus would be a good addition especially for sketching woodturning ideas. A piece of conductive foam CA’d to the top of a metal mechanical pencil (Staedtler) worked great. The black thingy on the eraser end of the pencil is the writing surface.

I like penultimate and artstudio as drawing companions for the iPAD.

Email me if you would be interested in buying plans, if there is enough interested I will create them ….

Below are pictures of the design…..

Note: you can click on any picture and the left and right edges will allow you to scroll forward and backward.

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