Shop Made Lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked as an important tool for wood turners to consider.

I never cease to be amazed how much good lighting can improve your work.

Makes sense that if you can’t see imperfections, you don’t know enough to correct them.

While visiting Home Depot, I noticed that small 250 watt halogen work lights (PN 520-656) were for sale for <$5.

For some time have wanted to add a high powered overhead system to my stubby, but they seemed expensive. A shop made system can be seen in the pictures below. I didn’t create plans because I think the design is self explanatory, but if you need more information please leave a comment.


  • Overhead mounting keeps lights out of the way
  • 2 lights mounted on a bar that can slide left to right
  • Lights can be tilted independently of each other
  • Light bar can be rotated around its axis
  • Entire system can be routed around mount axis
  • Entire system can be adjusted up and down
  • Low cost: lights $10 plus parts from scrap bin.

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Hint: I found a really useful nut at McMaster Carr, its called a Tube Connector (PN 94290A510), push it down into a square or round tube and it creates a thread in the end of the tube. You can use these to bolt the lamps to the tube, without any welding.

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Overhead array

Can rotate around 2 axis, left-right & up & down
Can rotate around 2 axis, left-right & up & down

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