Woodturning with SketchUp

Ring turning , American Woodturner Vol 23, No. 3

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Woodturning with SketchUp”

“Why pay for woodturning software costing more than $40 when for only $10.99 you can use free professional 3D software, from Google!”

“Woodturning with SketchUp” will teach you how to create 3D models of your project…..

This highly illustrated and easy to understand book will teach you how to use SketchUp as a 3D wood turning modeling tool. Wood Turning with SketchUp affords any turner with even rudimentary computer skills the opportunity to see what a project will look like prior to making shavings. This book is a companion to the FREE or Professional version of “SketchUp

Look at what you get:

  • 52 highly illustrated pages
  • Realistic turning environment
  • Use the pre-drawn ruled drawing pad to sketch your design
  • Unlimited freedom of form and texture
  • View from any angle and multiple perspectives
  • Internal, cross sectional and wireframe views of any form
  • Print shop-ready full size 3D story sticks
  • Export video animations of your model
  • Model spindle work, open and closed forms, even pens and pen displays
  • Design furniture with included turnings
  • Generate cutting lists for woodworking projects
  • Design, model and generate plans for complex shapes
  • Accurate and simple dimensioning
  • Design staved and segment layouts
  • Design tools, jigs and shop storage
  • Written by a turner for turners
  • Enables online collaborative design
  • Enhances creativity, increases accuracy, eliminates waste
  • Share models with other turners
  • Free online models, help and advise
  • Simple to order, no shipping, online delivery

…. and this is just some of what you can do

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DVL page 3 Gandhi trailer DVL page 4 DVL page 29 DVL page 29

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With your purchase you get:

  • The .pdf of the book, sent to you electronically.
  • A .skp file ready to load and use with Google SketchUp modeling environment.
  • Best effort email support directly from me

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