The worlds abuzz with the iPAD revolution. I took a time out from turning wood and decided to tackle building an iPAD case. The pictures below exhibit try # 3. The case is made of balsa so as not to add much weight. The back is fiberboard and has a unique slide out and fold …

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Help me pick

I am working on a couple of gallery entries and I would like to get  your opinion. Both pieces are tuned from Aspen in Natural Edge configurations. Leaf Alone has a aspen leaf carved in the bottom. Please vote for one of each in the form below: Note: you can click on any picture and …

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I took a time out to focus  on a gift for my wife of 37 years. Boy time flies when you are with an awesome woman. I think she loved it, it was fun to make. The segments are all exotics and the flower arrainger came from Craft Supplies. I think the turning is self …

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I have been wondering for some time how plywood would turn since I saw some pieces turned by other turners. I also found an interesting method for pentagon bowls that I wanted to try. That’s the genesis of PentaPly! The finish is 7 coats of highly polished gloss lacquer (Deft) following 5 coats of sanding sealer and many …

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Advent Wreath Complete

The wreath project is complete. The candle posts are Myrtle and the base is Oak. Stained natural to keep the Myrtles pleasing figure. The feet are used to fasten the posts to the base so the unit can be dissasembled. The candles can be used apart from the base.