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As a free service to our subscribers turnedoutright will provide a short review of videos on relevant woodturning subjects. I am doing this in affiliation with SmartFlix.

I will review a new video about every three months. SmartFlix rents HOW-TO videos at a fraction of the price of buying them. Leave me comments on these posts and let me know what you think.

To read the reviews you can click on the SmartFlix “category” to see all the reviews. A good way to see the reviews as they are posted is to just subscribe (RSS) to the turnedoutright website.

My reviews are not an assessment of the authors skills but rather it is my view of what skill is taught and learned and how unique the learned skills are.

Here’s the first one, enjoy!

Wood Turning Into Art by Jerry Crowe

Jerry who has been turning for 25 years does a complete job of going from the chain saw to the final hollow form. The beginner woodturner will greatly benefit from Jerrys vast experience as he demonstrates the entire process of turning a hollow form using conventional techniques and tools. Jerry’s process starts with rough turning and wax sealing before drying in a kiln. Then after drying and hollowing Jerry teaches how to put a signature mixture of stone into the burls voids using practical techniques. Finally a unique method and formula for coating and finishing hollow forms is learned.

Jerry’s fine work is displayed on his web site


Rent this Jerry Crowe Video

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