I'm back from my travels

Been some time since I last posted to turnedoutright. Thats because since that time I have been to Alaska (cruise) and the 2008 Utah Symposium.

I have so many great pictures of Alaska I could fill up a web site. Since this is a woodturning site I will stay on task and only drop in one picture.


I am mostly making this post to let you know I am still here and I have a lot of good material stored up to share.

I Can’t Think Straight move

Here are some upcoming subjects that are waiting for me to put words to:


The symposium was great. Mike Mahoney and team did a great job putting the show into a new venue. I learned a lot, spent time with my brother in law from New York and met some new people. One was Chris Pytlik, go figure he’s my neighbor! Check out his awesome work!

  • Piercing: I learned to pierce, bought a Powercrafter and have since turned a vase and pierced it. This opens up a whole new arena in which to spend money and time. I’ll share some novice experience. I also discovered TREELINE, check them out.
  • Spiraling: learned to spiral and bought a tool
  • The Mahoney, Batty session had a lot of good material on turning bowls to a fine finish and some insights into tool sharpening.I will post my favorite picture from the Gallery
  • Watched a demonstration of sphere turning and bought a chuck adapter for sphere’s
  • Tried a new roughing tool that uses a four sided blade.
  • Learned about pre-catalyzed lacquer and tried it out… awesome results.

Other Stuff

  • Report on Woodturning for SketchUp book subscribers. Lots of turners are learning to model with SketchUp. I’m getting fit up to write the next edition which will have new things like chip carving, adding patterns for surface treatment and maybe even segmented turning.
  • I have received questions on that age old problem of chucks getting stuck. I’ll show you how I solved the problem
  • A new quill attachment for measuring drilling depth you can make yourself. Free drawings will be available.
  • New video on the Pestle part of the Turning a Mortar project. Turned from solid surface!

So there is lots of information on its way. Subscribe to this site by using the RSS feed and don’t forget to register.

And check out the book store!

Pierced Flowering Pear Vase

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