The Mothers Day Music Box

Music box

I decided to take on another modeling and turning challenge and I started on the “Mothers Day” Project.

This turning project will feature a multi-piece music box made from Redwood Burl.

Inspired by the book “Masterful Woodturning” (ISBN 0-8069-8709-X). I decided to combine woodturning and music boxes.

Design goals for the Music Box project:

  • Box with a removable lid
  • Made from a burl
  • Music box hidden inside
  • Animation
  • Wind the music box without opening top
  • Pleasing shape

This is a unique challenge because I wanted to make the top rotate with the power of the music box as well as using it to wind the mechanism.

This meant that the box would be multiple pieces that would need to fit together with relatively tight tolerances.
Click to see model

To buy the book on modeling go to page two of the store !

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