Stubby tailstock lift

Over the holidays I updated and completed a number of jigs in my shop.

  • Band saw fence
  • Drill press fence
  • Table saw sled

But the most fun was the face lift that I did to my stubby!

I’ll admit I went a bit crazy but hey it seems to work really well.

These modifications require close alignment to the lathe, so if you plan to add one to your lathe be prepared to do some custom fitting.

I used this setup all weekend and it seems to work great, time will tell if I decide to keep it!

Blackout trailer

Enjoy the videos below first they are silly but show how easy the lift operates!


Click on these videos to see the magic!


Drawers: top drawer doubles as tool storage during turning. Insert keep shavings out of drawer.Drawers #1Drawers #2Drawer insert
Loading the liftLoading the lift
Lowering the lift, note the use of your foot on the pivot arm to control decent and lift.Lowering the lift
The lift in the “stow” positionStow position
The lift in the “unload” positionUnload position
The lift drag can be adjusted with the pivot wrench. This wrench is also used to easily remove the pivot arm in the event it is in the way. I suspect it may interfering with some hollowing tool setups.Adjuster

5 thoughts on “Stubby tailstock lift”

  1. Goodday Don,
    the tailsock lift is a great idea as well as the storage of the centres on the tail stock. Thanks for sharing

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