Turkey Call

I tried out the plans for turkey calls in Woodturning Design. The wood is box elder and the slate and glass are purchased online. I created a model for it and the jigs before turning and will post it later. My brother will try it out this season. Posted remotely from my Torch!.

Versitile Candle holders

This versatile candle holder design accommodates stick candles in one end and small tea lights in the other. Unknown wood, finished with 300 grit, Tripoli and then ShellaWax. The story stick will be posted for free once I correct the tea light size. Design note: tea lights come in more than one size :(. Posted …

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Sea Urchin Ornament

I was down at Craft Supplies this week and saw this ornament. Reminded me of the previous post regarding a model of a similar ornament. I purchase some materials to make one. Post about it later. Posted remotely from my Torch!.

Christmas Ornament Modeling

One of my Woodturning with Sketchup customers recently wanted to model detailed Christmas ornaments and wondered if it was possible. I selected Cindy Drozda’s Sputnik Sea Urchin Ornament as the design for the modeling challenge. I figured that Cindy’s design would be a good test because of it elegant form and detail. Here is the …

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Exhibition @ the Lubeznik

Do you remember the post “Help Me Pick”? That work has just been accepted into “Through the Woods, Around the Block“, at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts! Thanks to all my readers for the help! Maybe there is a spark of artist in me after all. Donnie ๐Ÿ™‚