Started to pay attention to surface treatment and finished my first image on the side of a bowl. Learning’s: I bought the “Detail” burning system. I am not at all happy with the replaceable tips, they heat intermittently. The fixed tips work better but are more expensive. It’s All About Love film I went down …

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New Arrivals

I had two granddaughters arrive this summer so I thought that I would turn a simple heirloom. Made from maple and mahogany with black eyed pea rattles. Finished in walnut oil. Made to US Consumer Safety “Requirement for Rattles, 16 C.F.R Part 1510.

Hybrid wine glass

I just read a technique in a forum where the turner cuts the stem from a cheap wine glass and turns a wood stem to replace it. I think I’ll try it! I’ll post when I get my first wine glass. Find it at : The Bodyguard ipod

Coffee Cup Project

The coffee cup is done and represents my first serious attempt at a hybrid project. Narrative in order photo’s Hard Maple blank Blank turned on stubby Mandrel threaded for Jet Finished threads with relief Mandrel mounted on Jet Insert spun on Jet Cup housing turned and hollowed on Stuby (laminated Brazilian cherry and box elder) …

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Pen Rest

The Bodyguard divx I turned this pen for my sister from pearl acrylic. The Batman vs Dracula: The Animated Movie hd It is a European filigree Long Time Dead trailer = I wanted to provide an unusual setting so I came up with a curved laminate of Wenge and maple. It was made as …

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Hollowing Tools

My experience and satisfaction with hollowing tools is spotty. I don’t like the constraints of the captured bars. download Double Jeopardy I don’t like lasers hanging in the air I don’t like the lack of positive tool attitude when using an unconstrained bar. I don’t like sitting on the lathe I’m inventing a new approach …

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Drying wood in Utah

I will be eternally interested in the science ….. no …… make that, ART of drying wood. I have tried most of the formulas like SOAP-ALCHOHOL-PLASTIC BAGS-SHAVINGS. The simplified results are: SOAP: inconclusive, most seemed to work, but takes a big vat. Nice lubrication qualities. ALCHOHOL: some success, liquid needs filtering after each soaking or …

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