The Virtual Lathe

I got this idea that I could use a cad program to model layout, turning and finishing turned pieces in a CAD program.

Rising Damp trailer

The software would be free but I would sell a how to book.

Interested? This one may cost you ……… I’m thinking of writing a book “CAD for Wood-turners”.

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If this is interesting to you comment and tell me what you think and how much a book like this should cost.

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4 thoughts on “The Virtual Lathe”

  1. Rick Crompton

    Hi Jerry
    I had a look at your depth gauge I like the idea you could turn it around and put a laser on the end and make it a bit higher and point directly onto the work, in cases when you need to make changer to the tailstock for deeper holes.
    I would be interested in a starting guide to using Sketch book, starting out from cold is a big learning curve I see that on Utube you start with a lathe model – where did this come from?, just my two bob’s worth

  2. Rick,
    I didn’t write a book on general SketchUp because its already been written.
    You can get “SketchUp for Dummies” as it in most bookstores.
    Also their are many free online starting guides avail from Google which are sited in my book.
    I made the movie myself and the modeling comes from the book “woodturning with Sketchup” sold on this site.
    There are also useful SketchUp links on in the sidebar
    For more info Email me

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