Spun Coffee Cup

Spinning trash

Now that I have the constructed all my tools, formulated lubrication and have a stack of scrap metal behind me I continue to bravely attack one aluminum disk after another. It doesn’t help that I do this intermittently between all my other turning projects.

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My intention is to combine wood-turning and spinning. My first formal attempt after mastering simple skills will be to make a coffee cup for my office. An Al insert with an outer skin of hardwood, I’m thinking Walnut.

I have gotten nearly a full insert spun but still have difficulty with it thinning at the end and breaking. I haven’t come close to being able to bead the end.

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I used oak for the mandrel on the first piece and found that the grain in oak transfer to the inner walls. Also the piece is hard to get off the mandrel. I’m working on a maple mandrel next, its glued up and waiting.

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